Daily Lines (2)

إن تركتهم يشكلون أحلامك ،فقد خسرت نفسك للأبد

If you let them reform your dreams , you will lose yourself forever


2 thoughts on “Daily Lines (2)

  1. If you let them reform your dreams
    what do u mean by them?:-?
    but i agree with u because it’s yr dream
    bs ya man, i have to say it:
    this may depend on the power of them
    u may remise yr dream if they r stronger than u:((
    or u can negotiate with them to let u reach yr ideal dream not yr absolute one
    In life w r inclinded to think emotionally and mentally about our dream
    There may be conflict between both type of thinking
    U have to not let any type of them take the victory into his side but u would rather act like an egyptian 7’atba (matchmaker)to let both life in harmony and gain yrself and yr dream
    my best regards:)

  2. them are everyone !
    maybe sometimes, as you say , you need to negotiate but without letting your dream
    i always remember the song “All or nothing” from “Save the last dance” movie , and i find myself repeating with the sound , “Live your dreams , it’s not as hard as it may seem”

    best regards

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